My favorite thought

Rejoice in His name and not in your circumstances.

Friday, May 22, 2009

God's Peace...

The other night we went to a family bar-b-que and my little four year old nephew asked Aaron and I if we were having a baby. I said, "No buddy we aren't". He replied, "I know where you can get one." I commented back where would a four year old know where a baby comes from; "Oh yeah, where?" "From Jesus. Pray to Jesus for a baby. He's in heaven you know?" My heart so touched by this little one, "Yes, I know buddy." "Well, now that you know..." as he jumped into the van to get buckled in.

So sweet. Oh how this child touched my heart. This reminded me and I asked myself: did I pray to Jesus today for a child or was I just wishful thinking to myself? Afterwards the drive home I prayed and asked for God's will for us to have a child or not. Reminded me that my LORD Jesus is all sufficent. Sometimes I think we begin to second guess God's plan for us. But, also we forget that God is The Almighty and can do anything. Yes, we've lost 5 children in the womb, I haven't be pregnant in over seven years... Is that to big for God? No, My God is so much bigger, greater, and stronger than any problem I have. Thank you for always being sufficent. You are more than enough. Thank you LORD.