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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Who's life is worth living?

I know that this is a tender and sensitive subject with high emotions attached and our society says its taboo to talk about. I am not going to let that hold me back from sharing what I have learned and experienced. I am speaking the truth because people need to hear the truth.

This last month was the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade; 40 years of abortion being legal. I have heard many people shouting, “Pro-choice! Women's Rights!”  Though my heart now only hears the silent cries of those 55 million abortions done since 1973, and not just the aborted babies but also the mothers of those aborted babies. I am pro-life, not just for those babies but for all. The gift of life is for all, no matter the gender, development, disability, age, or health. We have no right to take life. 

In high school, I wanted to help out my friends when they were in trouble. I took my girlfriends to Planned Parenthood thinking I was being helpful. I thought these people would help and care unconditionally. They were never counseled on adoption or parenting as alternative options; only given an abortion appointment with no further explanation or information on the procedure.  There was just a quick talk expressing that they were too young to be a mother, and that they need to finish school and oh yeah, here are some condoms. Sadly, it took one too many of my friends going to Planned Parenthood to realize that PP was not helping, and that abortion was always their answer. Each of my friends regretted their abortion decision and suffered from major depression as well as addiction and suicidal thoughts.  Some even attempted to end their lives because of the great regret of their abortion decision.

Though I have never had an abortion, I feel I am guilty for each of those precious babies' deaths. I helped take my friends to the place where they were coaxed into getting abortion. My friends and I were lied to, not given the truth about the facts about abortion, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aftermath of the abortion. I am not here to bash post abortive mothers; I am here to speak the truth about Life and say that there is forgiveness. There's not just forgiveness for me, but forgiveness for you, the nurses, the doctors, and anyone who will ask for forgiveness. God is the giver and taker of life. We have no right to take someones innocent life so we can live the way we want. –OR—We have no right to take someone’s innocent life instead of taking responsibility for our actions.

LIFE!! Who's life is worth living? Every life is worth living!

If you have not checked out I encourage you too. It's life changing!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

To Protect and Defend...

               Many think that life and death of  this woman and baby is too controversial to talk about. The National Survey of Family Growth (CDC, 2006) reported to over half of America's pregnancies are unplanned. Each of these girls/women along with their babies are worth speaking for; these girls and women need our help, need our compassion, in need of education of true and accurate information in an open and honest conversation. I learned this month that 1 out of 4 girls have an STD (CDC, 2008) which can cause infertility to cervical cancer. Today I learned that 1 out of 4 girls are sexually abused and/or assaulted. Also that 80% of children do not tell any one that they were sexually abused or assaulted until adulthood. These stats are astounding and show how much our youth and even our adults need us speak the truth about sex, STDs, and lend a caring hand.The more I learn - the more I see that we must take a stand for the mothers, their babies and our future generations no matter the controversy.