My favorite thought

Rejoice in His name and not in your circumstances.

Monday, July 1, 2013

No matter what!!

               I have so been struggling lately; I feel like I am on an emotionally roller coaster that is never ending! I cried out to God this morning, "Lord, send me someone to help me!" and guess what He did and He did tonight. Boy is He fast! He sent me two good friends - my sistas, Sharon and Stacey. Oh how my heart is so overwhelmed and overflowing with gratitude and joy!! I cannot express how appreciative I am to God for caring and listening to my prayers and my sistas for listening to God promptings!! Oh how I am so grateful to my sistas for listening, loving, caring and so kindly giving me advice. Oh Lord, I am so grateful to You! I know that this journey is not easy and sometimes not fun though I am so grateful that You don't leave me alone and forsaken. You have sent me such good friends to help me through what ever you have placed in front of me. You never get done amazing me, LORD!! Tonight when I was getting ready for bed I was listening to my music, praying and praising God, thanking Him for answering my prayer today. As I prayed no matter what happens Lord, I will trust You and Your word and then on comes this song! My thoughts exactly!! NO MATTER WHAT!! Thank You LORD!!


                             "I trust in you, LORD; I say, You are my God."
                                          - Psalm 31:14