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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Shalom Toda Raba Part III

A little back track:
Me and my family had a conversation about bucket lists in June. When I was asked whats on my bucket list, I stated that, "I have always wanted to visit the Holy Land, it has truly been the only thing on my bucket list." Who would of thought God would answer that prayer so quickly? Who would of thought not even a couple of weeks later, our church announced a mission trip to Israel? Not I. 

   I questioned, "Is this an answer to my prayers?" I prayed, "Lord, if this is. You not only have to convince Aaron to let me go but, tell him to come too. I know that is a VERY tall order to fill. But if you want me to go you have to bring him on board too. Praying for Your will not mine." That afternoon, Aaron called me before he was suppose to go to work for the night.

Aaron: How was church? 
Me: You won't believe what they announced at church today!
Aaron: What? 

Me: They announced a Israel Mission Trip.
Aaron: Awesome! Sign us up!

I was thrown in amazement! What?! No talking him into it.

Me: Really?!! It's in October. ???
Aaron: oh, ok. I will ask for the time off.

What? No, debating me about time off or money. 

God, You really answer prayers! 

         The third day we were asked to go to the Gaza strip, we were forewarned that their are sometimes some rockets in that area. Many people told us that we were crazy to go to Israel at this time. This doesn't matter for we believe that we are to go when God calls, that He will take us through or take us home. It's a win - win
situation. That goes for when we are in Israel, in our home country, home state, and home town. He is the one who is in charge.

"We believe that we are to go when God calls, that
He will take us through or
take us home.
It's a win- win situation."

           We got to pick up and meet two Gaza doctors that see Shevet's kids and recommends them to be a part of the program. They were very appreciative and told us how they have known the founder since the beginning of Shevet Achim ( ). I love seeing Muslims, Jews, Christians loving on children and helping each other serve others. 

I love taking pictures of Doaa. We spent time with Doaa, the mothers, and some volunteers. The most of the mothers do not like their picture taken so, out of respect I did not take any pictures of the mothers that did not want their picture taken. 


      David playing with Doaa. She loved the all the male volunteers. She just loved David as you can tell by her smile. :D
( )


      Rebecca is a volunteer knows seven languages. She is so good with the mothers and the children. Shevet has such talented, dedicated, and committed staff. 

         The next day we ate lunch with the Shevet family & the mothers and what another delicious meal with everyone. Afterwards Aaron and I cleaned up after lunch and cleaned the kitchen. We finished dishes and I began to sweep the floor; Aaron took the stove grates off and began to scrap off the burned on grease over time with a butter knife. The mothers came in, then went and got the other mothers to come see him scrap off the grates. They could not believe that he was not just in the kitchen cleaning but scrapping the  grates. Our language barrier could not hide that. It made me laugh and smile! :D I was so grateful to my
husband that he is not afraid to get in the kitchen to cook and clean. He has such a servant's heart. 

Praying for God to show me what He wanted me to do while I was there. What did He want me to see that I normally wouldn't see. Open my heart and eyes to the way You see things.

"I pray that
the eyes of your heart
may be enlightened in order
that you may know the hope
to which He has called you,
the riches of His glorious inheritance
in His holy people,"

 - Ephesians 1:18

One of my favorite songs:                             

                    Toda Raba Shalom!
                                                          More to come... stay tuned...